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What do the travel packages include?


Additional Information

  • There are days where there is more than one flight to Canaima, 72 hours before your trip check with your travel agency or with the Camp what time your flight has.

  • Given the complexity of the operation in Canaima due to its geographical location, the only way to guarantee an excursion is to reserve it and pay for it before your arrival in Canaima, places are limited and having your stay confirmed at the Camp does not guarantee places on the excursions not included in your package.

  • If any of the passengers has a special diet, notify your travel agency or the number of the Camp, to make the necessary modifications to the menu.

  • In Canaima there is only Movilnet telephone signal.

  • The hotel's Wi-Fi connection is limited because it is satellite and is only available in the lobby area. Take this into account and take the necessary precautions. Remember that you are in the middle of the jungle.​

  • No horns or loud music can be played in the hotel facilities.


  • Conviasa Airline allows 23 kg per passenger in checked baggage and 5 kg as hand luggage.

  • Upon arrival at the Canaima airport, hand in your luggage ticket to the Campamento Canaima staff who will welcome you, they will collect your luggage and take it to the hotel.

  • We recommend bringing the following for your trip to Canaima:

    • Swimwear

    • Sportswear

      • Hiking pants

      • Leggings

      • Shirts with UV protection or dry fit

    • Sunglasses and hats

    • Rubber shoes

    • Windbreaker jacket

    • Anti-water protector for cellphone

    • Sweater

    • Bag

    • Mosquito repellent

    • Sunscreen

    • Lantern

Cancellation Policies

  • 60 days before the trip a full refund will be made.

  • Between 60 - 30 days before the trip a partial refund is made. The cost of the ticket and taxes are not reimbursed (Total: $175).

  • Between 30 and 15 days before the trip, 50% of the package price is refunded.

  • Less than 15 days no refunds.


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