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Our hotel is made up of open spaces, where the only place that has four walls will be your room. We want you to be immersed in Nature and surrounded by the energy of Canaima throughout your stay. Our best known area is the Lobby, which frames the great Laguna of Canaima, which you can see and hear from every corner of the Camp. 

We have 88 rooms in the Camp, and more than 100 collaborators. Our entire work team is made up of Pemones from the Community who are committed to promoting sustainable tourism.

Our hotel has been designed to provide an unforgettable experience for our guests.


You can enjoy the beauty of Canaima in any of our outdoor spaces.


At Campamento Canaima we have 88 rooms around our facilities.

All our rooms are equipped with air conditioning and hot water.

We have three types of rooms: Standard, Deluxe and Top Deluxe.



Our breakfast is composed of a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, arepas, bread, beef, beans, avocado, white cheese, pancakes. You can accompany it with any of our natural juices or our famous papelón con limón. 


Lunch is different every day, it could be a grill, hamburgers, Mexican menu, black roast or another protein. Lunch is always accompanied by various side dishes such as potatoes, rice, plantains, salad, lentils and more.


Dinner is usually a choice between two proteins, which may be chicken, meat, fish or others. It is also accompanied by various dishes such as pasta, rice, vegetables, salad and others. 


Throughout the day we offer a coffee table which is accompanied by cake and cookies. We also offer a mid-afternoon snack that can be meat empanadas, popcorn and other surprises.


You can enjoy natural juices that you want (according to their availability): pineapple, orange, passion fruit, among others. You can also enjoy our characteristic papelon con limon, natural water, coffee and tea throughout the day. Bottled water and alcoholic beverages have an additional value. 


Our James "Jimmie" Angel room is located in our lobby area. A closed space with air conditioning designed in honor of the life of explorer Jimmie Angel who discovered Angel Falls on one of his expeditions. It is full of details that encompass his life and his adventures. At night you can enjoy good music and cocktails.


We're waiting for you

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